OK, I’ve got a little more time to post…anyway, these images of Nicole were taken at Blue Vista Farm, near Bayfield, WI. The images and the setting are what make these images great…in my opinion.

“The price of greatness is responsibility.”
— Winston Churchill, Former British prime minister

Eddie & Jenny, June 28, 2008

Photographed Ed & Jenny…Beautiful wedding taking place in Saint CLoud, MN

Senior Portraits

I was fortunate enough to photograph Nicole’s Senior Portraits this weekend in Bayfield. She comes from such a super family! I was honored to photograph Nic’s older sister two years ago, as well. Thanks Nicole!

More Grad Images!!

The Law of Saving

Financial freedom comes to the person who saves ten percent or more of his income throughout his lifetime.

One of the smartest things that you can ever do for yourself is to develop the habit of saving part of your salary, every single paycheck. Individuals, families and even societies are stable and prosperous to the degree to which they have high savings rates. Savings today are what guarantee the security and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Start With Yourself The first corollary of the Law of Saving comes from the book The Richest Man in Babylon by George Classon. It is to “Pay yourself first.

“Begin today to save ten percent of your earnings, off the top, and never touch it. This is your fund for long-term financial accumulation and you never use it for any other reason except to assure your financial future.

Develop New Habits Regarding MoneyThe remarkable thing is that when you pay yourself first, and force yourself to live on the other ninety percent, you will soon become accustomed to it. You are a creature of habit. When you regularly put away ten percent of your earnings, you soon become comfortable living on the other ninety percent. Many people start by saving ten percent of their income and then graduate to saving fifteen percent, twenty percent, and even more. And their financial lives change dramatically as a result. So will yours.

Mark & Sarah Erickson

We were honored to Photograph Mark & Sarah’s Wedding at Saint John’s University in Collegeville, MN. Great New Couple…windy (weather), but their album, with that setting, will be beautiful! Can’t wait to see it myself, after the designers get through with it.

Lupines in Bloom near Bayfield

Most everywhere you look, especially on roadways and some open fields, you find lupines in bloom…little do people realize however, that the lupine is a weed!
Slowly, day by day (and that is key), I am growing as a father, a husband, an executive, a neighbor, a servant, and a child. My faith assures me that grace began to reverse my old habitual patterns of unproductive, even destructive thinking. When I ponder what attributes I possessed and what practical actions enabled a positive reversal in my life and career, it was my fascination with history and language and, especially, a taste for reading that made the difference.Reading was not a habit during much of my working life as it is today. I remembered that, as a kid, I could escape into the theatre of the mind for hours of blissful entertainment. Later in life I found that I could spend quality time with some of the greatest thinkers and experts in any given field, any time I wanted. I could sit down and “listen” to these men and women (sometimes children) tell me profound truths that would help shape my destiny. I need only embrace certain principles and apply certain actions to my work and daily living.
Unfortunately, I took a hiatus from daily reading for much of my early adult life. I fell into easy routines of work, “unwind,” watch TV, pass out, and do it again tomorrow. Weekends? They could only mean one thing – play and party. After all, we work hard five days a week and need to play some too, right? Fair enough, but what was I playing at exactly? Use your imagination. The point is these habits resulted in years of mediocre professional performance and little or no growth.
It was not until I rediscovered the pleasure of reading; of satisfying a thirst for knowing more about my business and personal interests that I began to remove the shackles of easy routines and growth-stunting habits. Reading is an action that requires a degree of discipline – to pick up the book or article and focus on the content. Watching TV is passive and addicting. It’s much easier to push a button and let the images and ideas be handed to you without any use of your own creative imagination. Yet, there is some good programming available on TV which is entertaining, educational and enlightening. It can be one of many ways to relax and be entertained but it doesn’t require any participation in the formation of ideas and images. Reading requires active participation and that is why it exercises the mind and strengthens the intellect. The brain is an organ which needs exercise or it atrophies like an unused muscle. Reading is both fuel and delicious food for the mind.My life is rich today in many ways.
Reading taught me that the changes I longed for could be found through working at changing me. The manuals for great human achievement, including volumes of Napoleon Hill’s works, are free for the finding in public libraries and on the Internet.Reading something positive daily works. It works on the intellect which works on the emotions which work on desire which works on the subconscious mind which works on motives which work on our actions. Our positive actions give valuable service and therefore make us more valuable to our fellows and more cherished children of God.

Weddings In Bayfield…..is now Live!   Check out our new site!

Christa & Dan, Bayfield, WI

We photographed Christa and Danin Bayfield, WI. Their Ceremony was at the Catholic Church and the reception near the lake. So, with some time to spare captured these images at the Ferry Dock

  As a low-volume, high quality Photoraphy Studio, genereally we photograph 40-50 Graduation Portraits a year, but to our surprise, and with heavy mailings, we’ve just finished taking images of our 25th Senior for 2008…We still have dates available!  So, Please Call Quickly!

This image of Matt was photographed last fall in bayfield, WI

Actually received a telephone call this morning from Memphis,TN asking what availability we have for photographing a June Wedding! OF 2011! That’s what we call Pre-Planning…I wonder if her boyfriend knows he’s getting married…

More wedding images to share…It’s such a great time photographing these couples/friends!

The Season actually started in February, of which I’m Grateful!

Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ~ William Shakespeare

How many of your problems could be solved by something as simple as changing your mind? All of the daily problems we face exist in our minds, because in order to have a problem we must be thinking about it, and what we think may make the problem worse than it actually is.

For many of us it comes natural to always imagine the worst and then to forget that we only imagined it. We take our imagination for the truth. While what we are worried about could happen, usually, it does not. We create unnecessary mental anguish through worry.

Suppose you are sick and visit your doctor to have some tests run. It takes a few days to get the results. In the meantime your busy mind can convince you that you must be seriously ill. You see yourself incapacitated, and even begin to plan your funeral, only to be given the good news that everything is normal. You created more misery than you needed.

If you can catch yourself in the midst of such exaggerated thinking and just change you mind by redirecting your thinking, then life can get better. Changing your mind, however, is hard work, because to do it you must think about how you think. You must pay attention to the inner chatter of the Voice of Conscience, and when you catch it exaggerating or talking nonsense, call a time-out and challenge the dialogue.

With regard to your doctor visit, when your mind wanders to the worst, stop and come back to the facts you have. Don’t add to them. Remind yourself to be patient and wait to hear from your doctor.

Learn to change your mind by monitoring your thinking. When you catch your mind racing down the wrong path, put on the brakes, and turn around. You will create less misery. Practice thinking about how you think, and your problems may well decrease. Learn to catch your mind in action, and always make the more optimistic choice.

You can begin this process right now. Start thinking about how you think and just continue to do so all day long. When you find yourself thinking “nonsense” and adding to your trouble, just stop and come back to reality. Do this all day today. Now, continue to do it all day, every day for the rest of your life, and life will begin to improve.

Most people upon hearing this advice throw up their arms in despair and say, “It’s too hard. Can’t I just do it a few weeks and stop?” The answer is, “No!” That would be like successfully dieting two weeks and stopping. The weight soon returns.

The simple reality is that you have no choice about whether you will do it or not. Every day, you will think and create reality in your mind. You cannot avoid it. You are always thinking. The only choice you have is whether you will do it consciously or unconsciously. Will you do it and know that you are doing it, which means you are in control and can change it, or will you forget about your thinking, feel like a victim, and believe that others control your life?

Each day choose to think about how you think. Each day carefully listen to what you say to yourself, and choose your best attitude. Change your mind, and take control of your life.

April 2020